Refinancing credit is a product dedicated to repay our liability in another bank. Why would we want to move to a different bank? That is because the new bank may offer advantageous conditions, which will allow to save money on our credit. While taking a loan, we try to select the best offer with the best conditions. After the funds are paid out, we begin to repay the loan and we don’t track the changes in the credit market. The market is however very dynamic and it undergoes constant changes. It means, that the parameters of our credit, which was taken some time ago, may no longer be attractive and that there may be other more attractive options. In other words, for loans taken now, a bank could offer lower rate, which results in lower instalments and overall credit costs.

Our asset as a Client is our credibility, built by our past, timely repayments. This positive evidence, causes banks to prepare a special offer for client who are willing to repay a credit in a different bank. Therefore, it is worth to check a possibility to save money on a credit, by using a refinancing credit.