Are you planning to purchase an apartment, build a house or purchase a lot and you need financing?

Mortgage will be the cheapest form of financing. That is because the mortgage will be established on the property and, from the bank’s point of view, the financing will be relatively safe.


On the other hand, what the mortgage means to the Client? This is one of the most important decisions to be made in our lives. We have to keep in mind that the mortgage is a long term obligation, therefore it is worth to make proper preparations in advance. Familiarizing with all mechanisms related to mortgage, allows to select the best offer and will let you go through the whole credit application process without any stressful surprises.


What should you know in advance? Check your creditworthiness, it will be different among banks offering mortgages. Each bank may also have different requirements related to accepted sources of income. Instalment amount, mortgage duration and total mortgage cost will be a key information. It is also worth to find out about the steps of the mortgage application process.



What may be financed with the mortgage?

  • apartment or house purchase from a primary market (from a developer),
  • apartment or house purchase from a secondary market (from an individual),
  • purchase of a lot,
  • building a house,
  • renovation / overhaul / turn-key construction,
  • real estate alteration / adaptation,
  • real estate buyout from co-op or borough.