Mortgage loans

What is a difference between a mortgage and a mortgage loan? Mortgage is a product dedicated to finance a defined property. While mortgage loan is a product for people who own a property, which is not mortgaged, but are looking to obtain financing for any purpose. The mortgage loan may also be secured by a third party owned property, if the party agrees.

For people who may establish the collateral on real estate, the mortgage is therefore an alternative to a cash loan. However, it has a lot of advantages over a standard cash loan, some of which are:

  • higher amount of mortgage loan,
  • longer repayment period,
  • lower lending rates.


Mortgage loan is the cheapest form of financing dedicated for financing any purpose. It may be repaid over a longer period of time, therefore it adjusts to a home budget easily. It is a good choice for people who plan to make a larger commitment, as it allows to lower monthly instalments and a total cost of credit.